37 years in travel

Philadelphia, PA


The most rewarding aspect of being a travel consultant is the opportunity to share my passion for travel. I consider it a privilege to be a part of my clients’ significant life moments, whether it’s planning a romantic honeymoon, orchestrating a child’s first magical trip to Disney, organizing unforgettable spring breaks, or arranging special anniversary getaways. Regardless of the nature of the journey, I treat each of my clients as if they were my sole focus.

While it’s hard to pick a single favorite trip, my most unforgettable experience was immersing myself in the rich culture of Kenya, capturing photographs of majestic wildlife, and connecting with the people in the Masai villages. When it comes to packing for my adventures, I always ensure I have a comfy sweater, cozy socks, and a stash of delectable snacks for those long flights. I’ve learned the art of efficient packing, tightly rolling my clothes to maximize space in my bag, allowing room for the souvenirs and treasures I’ll discover at my destination. Additionally, I make sure to secure some of the local currency before departing from the U.S., ensuring a smooth start to my vacation in a new city without the hassle of currency exchange.

No matter where your wanderlust takes you, I encourage fellow travelers to savor every moment of your journey, capture cherished memories through photographs, and indulge in the diverse cuisines offered in each corner of the world.